Ten reasons to love your watch.



During Menswear Fashion Week and the obscene amount of outfit changes I had another thing in mind – how do I pair my outfits with my watch? It seems like the last thing you would think of, but it elevates a suit to another level. Sometimes a titanium watch might be too regimented, other times it might be exactly whats needed to bring some structure to an otherwise laid-back look.

Being true to precision and exquisite craftsmanship, choose to accompany a  black leather wrist watch with the all time classic tuxedo look (featuring IWC Portofino Automatic).  To twist and freshen up the outfit pair it with white tailored trousers and the all pervasive pop of colour.

On days where you feel like you don’t really want to say much, let your outfit put your thoughts into words. All you need is a statement piece, like this checkered double breasted coat cinched with a contrasting belt, layered over a simple total black look. To wrap it all up go for the titanium wrist watch for an extra layer of mature masculinity (featuring IWC Ingenieur Chronograph). When theres more to say, Choose black skinny jeans paired with a rich cotton tee and matching scarf and a talk of the town leather studded jacket. Top the look off with a hard-silver watch that can easily bring you back to space and time once the craziness is over!

Ten reasons to love your watch:

1. A suit is incomplete without it

2. Since the invention of the sundial, time has been central to mans life, a watch is the natural evolution of that.

3. It is a display of craftsmanship

4. Its about choice – whether its titanium, or leather, with a blue sapphire glass back like my IWC Ingenieur.

5. Whatever the occasion, a watch signifies order, precision, directness

6. A watch signifies a punctual man – never too early never too late, always just right on time

7. It’s a man’s number one accessory

8. As a busy contemporary man you need to always keeping track of time

9. When all digital devices fail, going back to basics will always save you

10. It’s a way of continuing the tradition of the all time classic gentleman’s.

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