You will hardly ever see me dressing-down outside my private space and that basically means without a buttoned up shirt, a three piece suit and a tie if you are lucky. However my month stay in New York inspired me to adapt a new morning routine which included good coffee, cereals for breakfast and a…


Almost Spring!

Perhaps I am not a very patient person but we’re almost into April and spring is nowhere to be found here in New York City! Spontaneously I have just booked tickets to Los Angeles and planing to spend a good productive week there. It’s time to enjoy some truly stunning sand, sea and sunshine before…


Versatile Race

Probably what I love the most in my wardrobe are pieces that are versatile – pieces that have a double life! I absolutely love suits that I can wear every day or in many different occasions, even jackets that I can use as overcoats or just cool statement pieces. My latest favourite piece is this…

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