Monday, 21 April 2014

Çok Güzel

Suit: Serdar Uzuntas, Shirt: Reiss, Slippers: Arthur Sleeps , Sunglasses:  Mito-PieroCiocari
Photos: Emircan Soksan

I often get asked, "What inspires you? Where do you find inspiration to dress up? Who is your style icon?". An obvious answer to the questions is that I find inspiration to all sort of places and things. Inspiration isn't something you get, it comes from within... but for me personally I know when I'm trying to motivate myself I should explore an unknown place or community.  When I visit museums, art galleries, when I eat at local restaurants or read foreign magazines, inspiration feels effortless. I feel it in my heart. 

I was very lucky during my visit in Istanbul to meet Serdar Uzuntas, thanks to the great team of PR-fabric, and wear few of his creations. Serdar, produces his clothes in Turkey and continues to embody turkish traditional references to his work. He truly inspired me for this relaxed, yet dapper look. 


Wednesday, 16 April 2014

The Leather Age

During my second trip to Istanbul last weekend, I was not entirely surprised by the beautiful city but this time around I noticed the warmth of its people. I was invited to view an exhibition by Turkish Leather Brands and designer Hatice Gökçe who partnered together for a unique design project at Istanbul Modern. The exhibition opened on Monday night and celebrates the eight ancient civilisations of Anatolia, including unique elements of the Hittite, Lydian, Urartu, Assyrian, Phrygian, Arzawan and Trojan civilisations, by forming 16 multi-layered extraordinary leather costumes by the turkish designer.  

Each design in "The Leather Age - Anatolia" is unique, provocative, rebellious and blends forces of forms and patterns from the past with the use of innovative techniques of today. It comes as no surprise that Gökçe carried out a two months research and took six months to produce the 16 leather garments featured. The designs not only unveil historical motifs, but more importantly redefine the possibilities  of leather use as a material in the fashion industry. 

"The Leather Age - Anatolia" is a design project born by Gökçe's love for texture. "I reflect the true elements of design without being carried away by fashion trends or distracted by day-to-day tides of excitement" she explained. Supported by Turkish Leather Brands, "The Leather Age - Anatolia" will be soon in Milan, Moscow and Amsterdam. Definitely one not to miss. For more information visit


Thursday, 10 April 2014

Chasing the sun

Suit: Tommy Hilfiger, Shirt: Reiss, Tie: Richard James, Loafers: Arthur Sleep, iPad Folder: Dries Van Noten, Handkerchief: Ted Baker, Sunglasses: Oliver Peoples

It's funny how bright mornings and blue clear skies can cheer you up and become a major discussion point (at least in the UK). Well, to my surprise, we had some outstanding sunny days this week in London. Don't you think so?  I tried my best to dress up light, keep joyful and enjoy the sun. I seriously can't remember when I last wore this Tommy Hilfiger suit. One of those summery hidden gems that due to the cold weather lay forgotten in my wardrobe for several seasons. As for my new love addiction, the shout goes out to this pair of Arthur Sleep mock-croc leather slipper shoes, handmade in England. Honestly, who wouldn't want to own a pair?


Friday, 4 April 2014

Game Over

Suit: Dries Van Noten, Shirt and Tie: Reiss, Shoes: Pollini by Nicholas Kirkwood, iPad case: OpenStudio

Well it's been about a week since my last post, a little longer than usual and maybe way too long to keep you gents waiting. It's just been one of those weeks for me, hard work and long hours. But let's not go down that route of complaining about everything. I am very pleased to write this post today and update my platform. 

On my way back from a meeting, I was lucky to find this amusement park (- even luckier that they allowed me in) and instantly decided to make a post there. You might also notice that I finally started wearing my spring clothes and today textured Dries Van Noten two-button suit felt right. I am also fallen in love with this new pair of Pollini shoes by Nicholas Kirkwood. It's playful design was the protagonist for this look. Just in time for spring and long strolls at the parks. 


Thursday, 27 March 2014

Oyster heaven

Portrait by Adam Tannous for "London 100, A Gentleman's Guide
Photographer's Assistant: Meriaam Wassef 
Editorial Assistants: Elisabetta Peressutti, Isabela Falcao Ayres E Silva, Marieta Santos Laguna and Stephanie Pak

Location: J Sheekey Fish and Sea Food Restaurant in Covent Garden
Outfit all by Crombie

Within the depths of theatres, between Charing Cross Road and St Martin's Lane, and with a little Oyster bar counter on the side, J Sheekey's is quite an establishment. Possibly one of my favourite sea food restaurants in the world… with gracious service and excellent fresh seafood. The menu has an extensive selection of seafood including also some classic english dishes. I would suggest you start with crab or oysters , while for main dish try the smoked haddock with mash, poached egg and whole grain mustard! As for desserts, you should definitely give steamed blood orange sponge pudding a shot!


Sunday, 23 March 2014


Photos: Adam Tannous
Silk trousers: Dries Van Noten, Silk Smoking Jacket/Robe: Next, Tuxedo jacket: Reiss, Shirt: Club Monaco, Tie: Dolce & Gabbana, Loafers: Gucci

There are glory days in every season, but my favourite moment is the first chink of spring blossom when bare tree branches suddenly burst into life. I know then that we have beaten winter and I will be soon laying down at Hyde Park with friends enjoying  the nice sunshine and look forward to our holidays as summer approaches.  Spring blossom has an innocent simple beauty and its short lifespan reminds me to enjoy the here and now. Its truly uplifting. 

For this post I couldn't think of anything more suitable than my new Dries Van Noten flower print trousers paired with a silk smoking robe giving the outfit a more effortless feel. Happy Spring! 


Thursday, 20 March 2014


A gentleman does, and a man who aspires to be one, must own a made-to-measure shirt! Discerning gentlemen look nowhere else!  Brooks Brothers, the oldest clothing retailer in the US and legendary know for dressing half of Wall Street as well as every US President since Abraham Lincoln, is hosting a 'Made-to-Measure' celebration across its stores. Until the 2nd of April, you can receive an exclusive 25% discount on special order suits and shirts, while Brooks Brother's Made-to-Measure team will cater for your every need. 

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