A race fuelled by style

  Are you ready to race? British Heritage brand Barbour International, famous for their original motorcycle clothing iconically worn by Steve McQueen in the 1964 Six Days Trial, looks set to launch a brand new Six Days Trial of its own between 17th – 22nd October, with the first day of the trials being launched with…


Boss Orange Watches

  There is no doubt that watches are a gentleman’s best friend! Whether you are classic or simply sporty, the watch is an essential feature and a superior fashion accessory this days for every gent out there.  Boss Orange Watches laid back lifestyle fashions appeals to men and women who set stock in individuality, cultivate…


Never Ending Summer

  I could go on forever about how amazing Rio is, the weather, the landscape and the cariocas. And don’t even try to convince me the opposite. It’s a fixed deal between me and the city for the past two years now. Rio has become an obsession, a source of inspiration and my new home….


Carioca Club

I don’t know about you, but I don’t usually dress down. I don’t care if I’m walking down the street or sitting in a business meeting – I just love wearing a collared shirt and a tie, a tailored suit paired with good loafers. But I must admit, Rio always brings out a different facet…



  Rio is a marvellous city. Beautiful, spectacular, breathtaking, cool, friendly, exciting. colourful, fun yet inspiring. Honestly it could not have been better. The view, the Cariocas, the parties, the houses, the beaches of Ipanema and Copacabana, this is a city filled with beauty and joy. And I guess I couldn’t stay away any longer!…


Dear Miss Clara,

  Located at Sveavägen 48 in Stockholm — one of the most bustling urban addresses in Sweden, Miss Clara Hotel by Nobis Group was definitely a found treasure during my first visit in the Nordic region.  High ceilings, expansive windows facing Sveavägen boulevard, marble bathrooms and  interiors  harking back to the Art Nouveau movement, Miss Clara offered a…


JV London

If you didn’t get a chance to check out The John Varvatos store in London, make sure you schedule a visit very soon! I was delighted to attend their store opening party last Wednesday and it seriously rocked! Special guests of the evening included; Paul Weller, Jimmy Page, Miles Kane, Iggy Pop, Leah Weller, Nat Weller,…



Comme des Garçons Parfums presents Comme des Garçons Pocket Collection – four best selling fragrances: CDG 2, CDG 2 MAN, WONDERWOOD, and AMAZINGREEN re-imagined and re-sized to a 25ml format of the iconic bottle for this collector’s edition. For this launch the followers of The Gentleman Blogger have a chance to discover or re-discover the exclusive world of Comme Des Garçons Parfums through a sampling section on www.comme-des-garcons-parfum.com and the #whatsinmypocket contest on Instagram. To enter…

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