Why a watch is a fundamental piece for our wardrobe?

 ilove returning to this event. Every year, IWC takes part in the Salon de la International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH). This anniversary however, was additionally special. Showcasing their Jubilee Collection for the celebration of their 150th birthday, IWC has launch for the first time since 1884, a wristwatch, featuring the original hours and minutes as designed back then. Why do I love this event? Because it reminds me how far technology and aesthetics have come together, how their journey is intertwined. With pieces like The Da Vinci Automatic Edition “150 years”, how could art and technology be apart? Similarly, The Tribute to Mark XI is testimony to the ability of luxury and simplicity to co-exist. With luminescent material, allowing for legibility at night, water-resistant, and protective elements such as front glass, as well as a 42-hour power reserve, this Pilot’s watch, is a tribute to its forebearers. IWC continues its journey as legendary, luxury watchmakers.

Why a watch is a fundamental piece for our wardrobe:

1. Functionality
2. It’s a smart investment, watches, like other alternative investments, are tangible, high value items
3. Eye-catching
4. How else would you know how to be fashionably late?
5. A luxury timepiece is a mans diamond
6. A sign that you are in control
7. With immense varieties available, you able to combine any wardrobe item with it
8. If you dont like accessories, you shouldn’t resist the timelessness of a watch, it is beyond an accessory
9. You carry a piece of heritage with you
10. A luxury crafted timepiece completes a black tuxedo, its the median line between the bow-tie and the shoes, that brings it all together.

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