7 Years of TGB!

So, the Gentleman Blogger celebrates its 7th year. Like always, this is the time where I rejoice in its path. So much has happened, so much has changed since it all started. I attempted to register that path in Make/Believe. With our first screening happening in London, the city that transformed me, since then, we have travelled to Paris, Milan, Rome, Thessaloniki and my hometown in Nicosia, Cyprus. Humbled by the support I received, this year has been marked by this as-of late retrospective. Keep an eye for its online release in September!

As I know for certain that bread loves butter, the sun will eventually give way for the moon, I also know that summer is the best season for me. The omnipresent allure of Mykonos has mesmerized me for years, and I am certain, for years to come. This year we compiled ‘the hidden gems of Mykonos’ for you to use as a guide to one of the world’s most idyllic islands where I have experienced my never-ending halcyon days.  Mykonos might be my apogee, but the Greek islands, big or small have so much diversity and depth. We attempted to encapsulate all that in our ’10 best kept secrets Greek Islands you need to discover’. From Icaria, an island where time is irrelevant, as the locals always say, to Kimolos, an unspoilt volcanic island. 

Central Europe offers itself to those that do not necessarily connect Summer with the Sea. They instead pursue cosmopolitan centers and all the amenities that comes with. This year I spent some precious time in Geneva and I was joyfully surprised by the variety that this city offers – most importantly I learned how to make a prized Swiss treat – chocolate! Priceless! Topped off with the views of the Saleve, Jura and Vuache – momentous. My perspective fully expanded with the cascading icy volcanic landscape of Iceland. This time I returned to Iceland with my squad and it was worth it. A road trip along Icelands Ring Road, with a pit stop in one of the many thermal springs on the island, was awe inspiring. A place like no other with the Northern Lights always guiding us. Thank you to all for your unwavering support! Cheers to more!


Photos: Felipe Pagani

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