In the sweltering heat, Dubai offers so much. The glamour, futuristic architecture, blue waters, blue skies and endless desert makes this glittering UAE city, a world-class destination. Spending a week in this cosmopolitan city, offered me and my team a chance to not only enjoy the extravagant destinations and exquisite food, but to gain creative inspiration […]

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Almost a month ago, MINI Clubman and I worked on a shoot to accompany the Ultimate Guide to being a Modern Gentleman. As you know, I believe that a gentleman must be recognised for their manners, style, individuality and, above all, authenticity. The feeling backstage was creative, focused and inspired. The photoshoot was themed around key rules […]

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EEffective communication skills are fundamental to success in many areas of life, and James Bond himself can teach us some valuable lessons. Use these seven key techniques to effectively communicate like the fictional Secret Intelligence Serviceman. Style is as important as substance: Tom Ford has been Bond’s choice of tailor since Quantam of Solace. Whilst the spy man has […]