The art of a Modern Gentleman


Rule 1: Take a moment 


Rule 2: Learn a signature dish

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Rule 3:  Combine style with sustainability 


Rule 4: Practice your own sports psychology 


What does it mean to be a gentleman in today’s day and age? This is the question that myself (as the UK ambassador of Mini Clubman) and six experts from prestigious The School of Life, in partnership with MINI Clubman, have set out to answer.

The nature of today’s complex society means that men are inundated with images of what it means to be a ‘real man’, let alone a ‘gentleman’. Men are increasingly confused about where to turn for advice as conflicting images on gender roles, societal norms and financial expectations contradict the ever diverse, open and free-thinking society that a more conscious Britain is becoming.

The Ultimate Guide to being a Modern Gentleman was created with the intention of developing a philosophy for men to live by, one which could inspire men from all walks of life. It’s not about telling men how to be perfect, nor is it a dictatorial guide, it is more a handbook for life, one that – hopefully – will allow men to feel comfortable in their own skin whilst continuing to pursue success.

Below, I list the four rules that resonated with me from the different categories in The Ultimate Guide to being a Modern Gentleman.

Fashion by Samantha Clarke, style therapist on clothing and confidence

Rule 1: ‘Combine style with sustainability’ helps us to remember that having style needn’t be a wasteful pursuit. Less is a style statement in itself and one that can be practiced with conscious thought to the quality, construction and fit of the items one is investing in.

Food and drink by Jenny Linford, food and drink author and member of the Guild of Food Writers

Rule 2: ‘Learn a signature dish’ is a go-to for gentleman around the world. Hosting and dining with friends at home is one of my favourite social activities. I take a leaf from the book of top restaurants around the world that do a small amount of dishes very well and have a perfected signature dish that helps me to go that extra mile to impress close family and friends.

Business and entrepreneurialism by John-Paul Flintoff, author of the ‘How to change the world’ book series

Rule 3: ‘Take a moment’ reminds to take a moment to think, reflect and recharge. It’s not about falling into the trap of busyness but about stepping back from the work and taking time for self-care which, if done frequently, can help your mind to grow sharper and make better business decisions.

Health and wellbeing by David Waters, men’s lifestyle journalist

Rule 4:  ‘Practice your own sport psychology’ is, to paraphrase an old Roman aphorism; ‘a sound mind lives in a healthy body’. We must include physical movement in our routines in order to keep our minds healthy but should also strive to become more aware of the ways in which we react to situations in our daily lives, so as to become better both physically and emotionally.

The fourteen rules are available to view at and the four key rules featured have been bought to life in a series of stunning videos produced by music director, Joshua Lipworth. Take a moment and enjoy them!

Photos: Theo Cohen

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