InterContinental has everything you need in a hotel. Hotel-Booking Checklist: 10 Things to Consider

What is it about hotels that can make or break your holiday? Business trip? Their ability to magnify your experience of a place is unparalleled. Their history and design can reinforce your sense of belonging or wonder of a city or town, even village. In an ever changing hospitality industry, the history of hotels is everlasting.

The InterContinental New York Barclay located in New York City’s Midtown, has helped shape, and forge the landscape and environment of the Big Apple since it first opened its doors in 1926. It continues on this journey, after nearly 20 months of renovation, with a reimagined design, without jeopardising its original vision. 704 rooms and 26 suites at your service! Adapted to modern standards, the renovation has installed extra-large walk in showers, and most importantly? They have updated the sound-proofing of the rooms – feeling like you are entirely alone when you want to, and when you don’t? And thanks to the InterContinental Ambassador Programme, I was upgraded to an amazing suite too! Well, the Barclays Gin Parlour, is a unique standard of this hotel. 88 premium gins to your taste and whim. Although the Gin Parlour is inspired by the Dutch and English bars of the 1920’s, The Barclay Restaurant is true to its New York heritage. Traditional, and progressive simultaneously, it offers a culinary treat purely sustainably sourced and organic. The standards of the Barclay are self-evident throughout the hotel and elevate the unforced brilliance of this hotel, built in the age of Jazz and Glamour, designed in the American Colonial style, and transformed with the comforts and luxuries available to a contemporary hotel.

hHere are 10 things to look out for when choosing a hotel:


  1.  It’s only natural that you would firstly focus on the comforts available in the rooms – the Bed.
  2.  What does one do when in bed? Well, that’s up to you, but, it’s a great advantage if the View from your bed and bedroom is something captivating, inspiring, and stimulating.
  3. While staring out the window, you wait for your Room Service – what’s available on the Menu? The selection should certainly be ambitious!
  4. The feeling of being home away from home is only motivated by the Sparkling Cleanliness of a Hotel.
  5. An instant feeling of the ‘Wow’ factor should be inspired by its Spaces, upping your Instagram game!
  6. The Hospitality should extend from you and to your guests! A wide selection of choices for culinary journeys should be available
  7. What services are available to you? Tours? Travel?
  8. The more links the better – a hotel belonging to a Network only means that you are benefitting from a collection of years and experience which has accumulated to make you feel as Pampered and as Comfortable as ever!
  9. What better way to feel Pampered than with a Luxurious Bathrobe?
  10. Last but not least, what is the Vision of the Hotel? As the world progresses, how is the hotel adapting? A Sustainable Vision is something you should support.

Photos: James Creel

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