Reasons why we always choose London!


WWhere the past,present and future emerge hand in hand. Such is the impression you get when you enter The Trafalgar St. James Hotel in Trafalgar Square. Pass the lobby and go all the way up to the Rooftop bar. Order the Teatime Signature Cocktail and take a seat beneath the sky, overlooking the Square. Wait for the sun go down, and the twinkle of the city lights to emerge, and order another cocktail, this time, the Skyline Signature Cocktail. Dont fret, the heaters and the blankets are enough to make you endure the crisp of the winter months without jeopardising your experience. Once you are all ready, go down to the Trafalgar Dining Rooms. Choose one of the many dishes inspired by a Mediterranean basis, infused and complemented with a multi-cultural layer, reflective of Londons past present, and future. Once all your senses have been satisfied, go down to your room. The Landeer Suite, with a unique view of the majestic towering bronze lion at the centre of the Square. Enjoy a Nespresso coffee from the espresso machine in your room and relax on your King Sized bed. Sleep tight!

Reasons why we always choose London:

1. Heritage. Resonant in all the nooks and crannies of Londons streets
2. Contemporaneity. Reflected in its food, art and people.
3. Monuments. Old and New. especially at Trafalgar Square where alongside Nelsons Column is the Fourth Plinth used each year for an exposition of a modern work of art.
4. Cultural mixing. Get a taste of the world just by walking around on Londons streets
5. People watching. and where better than Trafalgar Square?
6. Theatre. Whatever your taste, its right around the corner of Trafalgar Square.
7. Tailored Suits. Where else? Even the last Emperor of Japan knew it was the place.
8. Weather. You think your day is ruined with some drizzle, but this is London. Come Rain or Come Shine.
9. Night Life. From exquisite hotels  to underground parties. Take your pick, or go for them all!
10. We love London, for London. Formed from a universal outlook from the Empire to its people-  unique in its entirety.

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