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At times were non verbal communication is becoming a commodity I believe our outer style conveys a powerful yet very promising message of influence to those around us. Dress elegant and you will feel elegant, dress dapper and you will own the place! As a blogger widely known for my individual style I have reflected a lot about what I would like my individual style to convey about me. After-all fashion is about expressing your inner qualities with your style. In collaboration with Westfield and Individual Style A/W campaign (coming up soon) here are my Top 5 posts which express in the best way my individual style.  Further, find below my own filters when dressing up!

 First, I don’t worry so much about what other people think of what I wear. You have to wear what’s right for your body type and competition and not what makes you stylish. Dress for you and not for someone else. This doesn’t limit your options but simply you have a better direction on what you’re looking for. Don’t forget to allow yourself to experiment first!

Secondly I’m always dressing up instead of dressing down. I can always relax my tie and roll up my sleeves in the evenings but you can never get cargo shorts looking sharp. Dressing up helps me carrying myself with confidence which can inspire an entire community or simply just cheer up a friend. It gives me the flexibility to alter my look all day long and keep me looking fresh. 

Thirdly, I choose clothes carefully. Suits and jackets are adaptable yet classic clothing. Little touches in lining, cufflinks, unique patterns, colourful socks are accessories that can transform my look and highlight unique taste and personality. It’s very important to me that I am credible and authoritative in the field. I might wear the same suit to work, 3 days in a row, but it will never feel boring or outdated with the right accessories! One day I throw in a pocket square, use a knot cufflinks and no tie – portraying an outgoing professional. Other day I go for funky wale cufflinks and eccentric socks to be the funny guy! So ensure that the contents in your wardrobe are timeless, and that your accessories are plenty.

To conclude, individual style should be influenced by three things: 1) your physical characteristics, 2) the ability to alter your looks depending on occasions, and 3) personal preferences and expressions with the help of accessories. The beauty of individual style is that is a process. It shifts, grows and gets mature with time as we learn more about ourselves. Find your way! Make sure you check my Westfield interview here!


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