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The day has finally come! I am super excited and delighted to announce my collaboration and first fragrance campaign for  Gianfranco Ferré L’Uomo! Not only I had the opportunity to team up with such a prestige label, but also to initiate a new era, as this is my first global online and offline campaign as an influencer! So, I can’t wait to tell you all about the project, the campaign and of course the fragrance!

Truth is, I have always admired  Gianfranco Ferré as a contemporary house brand with the mysterious, yet profound, sensuality. Inevitably, this special Eau de Toilette I am fronting, transmits all the values of Gianfranco Ferré menswear. All this heritage has now become Gianfranco Ferré L’Uomo, a fragrance that establishes the beginning of a new era for the brand. However, this new era also needed a breakthrough; a digital influencer as a storyteller of the new fragrance. Thus, we joined forces as they wanted a true gentleman of the third millennium! I feel thrilled and honoured since Gianfranco Ferre is the first brand to trust a digital influencer for a global campaign.

There is no way you are not going to love L’Uomo, a new classic in men’s perfume. On the first spray you will understand that perfumer Nicholas Beaulieu created an unusual blend of base and head notes in order to reflect vibrancy and sensuality. So, it’s both alluring and undoubtedly easy to wear. L’Uomo packaging also amazed me; A true work of art as the bottle is neatly packaged to reflect a minimal yet sleek architectural design (Gianfranco Ferré was mostly known as “the architect of fashion”). The cap on the bottle is shaped like the cuff of a man’s shirt, with the top of the safety pin resembling a cufflink. A true gentleman’s perfume!

L’Uomo is dedicated to a man who needs no adjectives but only a definite article that underlines his uniqueness and I am pleased to represent this vision. The new Gianfranco Ferré L’Uomo is available globally! So, join me in this new exciting era and discover with me a perfume that actually doesn’t need much of an introduction!


Backstage Images: Jake Armstrong

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