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What is it about hotels that can make or break your holiday? Business trip? Their ability to magnify your experience of a place is unparalleled. Their history and design can reinforce your sense of belonging or wonder of a city or town, even village. In an ever changing hospitality industry, the history of hotels is everlasting. The InterContinental New York Barclay located in

  The perfect way to start your day, your year. The collaboration between Nespresso's AAA Sustainable Quality Programme and the Rainforest Alliance is unlike anything else in the industry. A required sustainability programme enables the farmers that are part of the AAA to grow great coffee in ways that protect the environment and their homes. Since 2003, this partnership has steadily advanced towards its goal

2017 was an important year. I was introduced to the concept of ‘Not Yet’. With this concept, everything has its time, it’s potential to develop and grow. Growth becomes more important than the endgame. 2017 eventually became the fruition of so much of that consistent, often non-stop work, the manifestation of a lot of ‘Not Yets’ becoming ‘Now is the Time’.  Building up

What is fascinating to me, working in this industry, are brands that have a long heritage and history, but without jeopardising their will and potential for creativity, or renewal. Eton Shirts, the Swedish Shirt maker brand has been around since 1928, and has not failed to reinvent nor adapt. Eton Shirt’s superiority is its specialisation, […]


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