The Most Luxurious Vehicle on Earth

British luxury craftsmanship. What happens when it fuses with cutting-edge technology? Bentley Bentayga SUV. The new Black and Blackline Specifications push the design of the already potent Bentayga even further. Changes made to both interior and exterior, the new specifications feature black trim detailing, dark tints and black glosses push the design to dramatic heights. The new 22-inch directional alloy wheels in an exclusive black paint strike a bold new statement. With the new Blackline specification the SUV gets a further boost to luxurious fields. A new attitude, a new trajectory.

The new Bentley leather accessories – gloves and the bags, formulate coherence and  continuity with the spectre of the automobile. Magnificence.  Colour and texture are not just added elements, they are parameters elevating this cutting edge technology with the coat of  craftsmanship and style to forge together a new dignified majesty.


Accessories: All by Bentley

Photos: Jake Armstrong

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