10 Reasons Why I love Coffee


The perfect way to start your day, your year.

The collaboration between Nespresso‘s AAA Sustainable Quality Programme and the Rainforest Alliance is unlike anything else in the industry. A required sustainability programme enables the farmers that are part of the AAA to grow great coffee in ways that protect the environment and their homes. Since 2003, this partnership has steadily advanced towards its goal to help protect the rainforest and the communities which sustain it. Steadily growing since 2003, I am overjoyed to have had the opportunity to visit Costa Rica, met with the farmers, and got the feel of how great coffee is grown and selected. Invaluable! I picked coffee cherries, tasted coffee from green beans!! My palate opened up to so many surprises!

Here are 10 reasons why coffee is our favourite :

1. A perfect comfort zone- if I have coffee, take me anywhere!
2. Associated with a great breakfast, and a light lunch, its a moment if peace in an otherwise hectic day!
3. Knowing where it comes from, being there, smelling the earth the coffee beans sprout from, keeps me connected
4. The taste of coffee, good coffee, is reminiscent of the ground it emerged from, unlike anything else!
5. Served in brews, espresso based, syphons, take your pick, the potential to serve is endless. It keeps us mesmerized.
6. Coffee is a truly universal commodity, and whilst travelling, traversing hidden coffee shops, its patrons, its culture, is unrivalled to anything else
7. With so many farms across the world, and so many selections to choose from, you truly taste the world
8. What else would you pair chocolate cake with?
9. Use it as an ingredient in your cooking, in your cocktails. You will not regret it.
10. Start your day with a great cup of coffee, sip it quietly, slowly, and give yourself the morning you deserve.


Photos: @2ndtruth

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