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If somebody asked me to write a story about Istanbul, I’d probably end up writing a book. Its unique historical heritage, its strong cultural presence and the unbelievable skyline are only a few of the reasons I would recommend you visit this place. Every single time I’m here, I’m always amazed by its “where East meets West” atmosphere. No need to even mention the hospitality and of course, the food. Oh, that food! I swear, a Turkish gastronomic surprise lies around every corner of this “City of the World’s desire”. 

So, last week I visited Istanbul, spent a couple of nights here, but that was enough time to indulge in nostalgia of a period long forgotten, but still very much alive in the bazaars and historic buildings of this city. My trip companion was Gant, the American brand, committed to use quality fabrics and sophisticated clothing textiles. Rooted in American heritage, when firstly launched in 1949 as a sportswear brand, Gant is nowadays one of the most respected mega casualware brands.     

As you know, nothing beats a warm jacket, so I’m in luck since shearling coats are a huge trend for FW 2016! For this trip, I packed my Gant Breezer shearling jacket, a must for urban adventures especially when those “celsius mates” have begun to drop. And believe me, this jacket saved me from the Bosphorus’ cool breeze, when walking around the Galata Tower. This one is made from 100% lamb’s leather, providing me with a classy look and keeping me warm at the same time. I matched it with a Gant slim fit Chinos, you know how much I love them; a classic Indigo shirt and a cable Cardigan sweater, both ideal for layering and impeccable indoor style. But there was still something missing. Oh yes, my Gant hat!

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Shirt, Chinos, Cardigan, Shearling Jacket and Hat: All by Gant

Photos: Jake Armsrong

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