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It’s no secret thay when living a busy urban life, trying to juggle commitments, work and an active social life we often neglect our self putting our needs and personal time in the backseat. The lack of downtime leaves us feeling depleted, both physically and mentally. It is crucial at this point to find ways to cope with these modes of intense living.

After years of returning back to Brazil, returning back to Rio, I always have a sense of nostalgia but also excitement at what new place or activity there is to experience! That is the majesty of Brazil. Its grandeur of diversity! Its balance between the classics and contemporaneity. For this, here is my latest list of 10  things to experience, a taste of

Welcome to New York City!  The city that never sleeps, a mecca of shopping and home of the most breathtaking skyline in the world! The scene is familiar, yellow cabs rushing along large avenues, flashing billboards and a constant urban buzz. Visiting this city either for the first time or as a returning lover, it will never loose its uniqueness and charm. An essence

Celebrating an anniversary, is simultaneously, celebrating the past, what it has given you, taught you, and celebrating the future. The prospect. You savour anniversaries, for the beauty of more. Birthdays are no different. They are a time to rejoice in what you have achieved, or what you hope to achieve. That is why they are the median line between the past and the


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