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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VVIM5MRSVIM   So it happened. A thought conjured in my mind a year ago came to fruition, with alot of help from my friends. I was proud yet humbled by the presence of my closest associates and friends acting as a first loving audience of Make/Believe. The premiere, at Mondrian London is part of a series of screenings scheduled around the world - Paris,

From Austria to Italy. A road trip which captivated me - I saw Europes crevices, its details, its spectacular vistas. An amazing setting for my first drive of the new Bentley Continental GT. From Kitzbuhel, a small Alpine town in Austria, we drove south to Venice in Italy. Before reaching our Venice destination, we stopped by Grossglockner, Austrias highest mountain, with the most

6 years after a very successful yet challenging career, I realized that it was time to face my insecurities. Seeking a deeper level of connection with my audience, I invited Konstantinos to turn on the camera during the busiest time of the year and let him free to explore my relationship with my crew, my fans, my colleagues and also to confront the


Inspiring and empowering men. Globally spotted by Matthew Zorpas.

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