10 Easy Tips on How to Relax!

It’s no secret thay when living a busy urban life, trying to juggle commitments, work and an active social life we often neglect our self putting our needs and personal time in the backseat. The lack of downtime leaves us feeling depleted, both physically and mentally. It is crucial at this point to find ways to cope with these modes of intense living. My recent trip to Kenoa, Exclusive Beach Spa and Resort in Brazil aimed exactly to counteract my current hectic program. The beautifully designed resort was the perfect location for a relaxing get-away that combined wellbeing and luxury living. Breathe easy!

These are my 10 easy tips on how to relax and appreciate your much needed personal time:

1.      Take a deep breath and clear your mind at least once per day.
2.      Keep physically active even during busy periods, either through an intense work out or a yoga session.
3.      Listen to calming music while enjoying a long bath.
4.      Switch off all digital devices before going to bed.
5.      Never skip your daily beauty regime as it gives you a few minutes alone with yourself and at the same time boosts your skin and wellbeing.
6.      Experience aromatherapy, and the power of lavender essential oil.
7.      Include dark chocolate, honey and green tea in your diet, which have the ability to stabilize stress hormones and have soothing properties.
8.      In moments of high stress and anxiety take a walk, ideally in a park or a natural environment if possible. Being in touch with nature will calm your nerves and rejuvenate your psychic.
9.      Express your emotions through spontaneous writing or by keeping a daily journal.
and finally…
10.     Always find time to take a break and organize a relaxing get-away from home and work!


Photos: Gleeson Paulino

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