Turning 31… Here’s what happened!

The concept of a “birthday” can be daunting, thinking about your life and what you have accomplished thus far. “Birthday Party” planning however, is the best part. It transforms our most esoteric thoughts abour our lives into a spectacle, a celebration! A day for rejoicing in the glory of all that we are, and will be, because, a birthday is just that – a celebration of yourself. What are we though? Our memories, our family, our friends. I chose to plan a weekend that was surrounded by all that makes me happy, and thankful. I did all that, by dancing!

How did I do that?
Step 1 – Choose an environment which helps you bring out the party vibes and the fascination with something new! For me, Barcelona was it this year!
Step 2- Design the Mood board – for my party, it was a mix of Disco flare and Tropical grooves
Step 3- Plan the Activities – choose both relaxing and festive ! From the Tropical themed party to the laid back chilling by the pool Brunch the day after!
Step 4 – Set the Clock- Start early to ease into the party vibes!
Step 5 – Music is key – a DJ who can capture the environment you want to develop and transform it into auditory sensations!
Step 6 – Booze it up, but keep it classy! Water should be consumed at all times!
Step 7 – Take pictures and not just for instagram! Memories will reinforce the party for years to come! but, a hashtag #MZ31st is necessary!
Step 8 – Food. It sets the scene, and gives a wonderful opportunity for all your friends to catch up, and explore all the senses. A party is not just dancing, its an experience!
Step 9 – but Dancing is the focal point!
Step 10 – it all comes down to the People – Create a community among your friends, thats where the best times are!

Photos: Antonis Hadjimichael


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