10 ways to Restyle your classic suits!

The item of clothing that Emperor Hirojito of Japan substituted his countrys traditional costume for – an item, so classic and time-honoured. A symbol of so much, and more. How can one discuss the ever-present gentlemans suit? In all its simplicity, it contains layers of potential. In this potential, is where the future is. A suit has passed over from something one wears to work, or a wedding. It has come to dominate a mans wardrobe, but how do we inject modern life into such a staple item?

Here are 10 ways on how to restyle your Classic suit:

1. Accessorise – it personalises your suit and doesnt sacrifice personal style
2. Play with colour. Monochrome suits, in a daring white, or an earthy dirty orange.
3. Play with shades – a vibrant blue suit, with a deeper blue silk shirt, maybe even a print.
4. Fine Italian silk and prints are never amiss. They diversify and add flare where it needs to be!
5. A white t-shirt or any other coloured tshirt for that matter, is the answer to almost anything.
6. If you do go with classic colours, spin it with a bold checkered print.
7. Yes, Sneakers. Ugly or not, its your choice !
8. Textures. Always textures. Linen with silk for example !
9. Always know what brand fits you best, this way you’ll be one step ahead!
10. All day and all night! A suit does not have a timetable, it goes with every part of your day and night, just make sure you’re comfortable, and everyone else will follow!

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