10 Reasons Why Salone del Mobile is a Must!

The apogee of design, the climax of wordly, were only but a fraction of my impressions from the Salone del Mobile in Milan last month. An international design and furnishing exhibit, in its 10th year, hosts an array of the leaders in design as well as new and fascinating brands. Offering compelling aesthetics – tangible, sensorial and otherwise, the visitors of this 6 day showcase were enthralled by the diversity offered. It explored the imaginary, while I was exploring the Salons various locations across Milan with with the new Audi S5 Sportback – driving around one of the most vibrant and busiest cities in Europe was a breeze and a pleasure with this car ! With a V6 engine, and an exterior that oozes luxury, I could drive around Milan, visit the captivating Salone del Mobile exposes, whilst using the Audi Virtual Cockpit we would keep track of where we were and where we going in the most efficient way possible! I was captivated, and not only because of the enticing environments constructed at Salone del Mobile

10 reasons why Salone del Mobile is a must:

1.  Access to experiential Palazzos like the one Swarovski turned into a greenhouse – the neo-classical Palazzo Serbelloni
2. Discovering Milan and its hidden surprises
3. Where else would you go to see the latest showcases internationally in interior design?
4. Only in its 10th year, the Salon has reached unprecedented participation this year, and only seems to be growing!
5. Multi-sensory experiences from brands such as Alessi and their collaboration with Dutch designer Marcel Wanders for their Five Seasons Collection transfomed spaces through fragrance, sound, and design – giving us an indication of how everything interacts, is connected
6. Fascinating explorations of our life and society and how it reflects on our private spaces from the concept project On Life from a collaboration between Corradi and Elle Decor
7. Making us sit back and allow ourselves to feel the connection with the natural environment so as to inform the way that we construct our built environment and our personal spaces was the COS x PHILLIP K. SMITH III project at Corso Monforte
8. The Corallo Tram Project was otherwordly! What would our lives, and commutes be like if we lived in the 1920’s and our urban designers where as prodigal as Cristina Celestino?
9. Its all in the details. StudioMama develops a micro-city and we wish we lived there. Ever wonder how different our cities would be if we paid more attention?
10. Design is international, and multi-cultural. Salone del Mobile exposes such a nuanced and layered design potential making us feel that the world is big and we want it all in our living room!
Photos: Constantinos Nicolaou

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