The Gentleman Gesture Vol2

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas these days… So why not start planning your Christmas gift list for the ones you love? I have to admit; this is my favourite ritual every December.  

What would you gift to a friend with a strong personality, a good taste of style and a know how to stand out from the crowd? If you’re looking for a gift that keeps on giving year-round, I would definitely suggest my very own Gianfranco Ferré L’Uomo fragrance. This perfume, that I am honoured and happy to be the face of (thank you for sharing all your images around the world from the campaign), would make an unforgettable present. The top notes of ginger and cardamom, give a sense of awakening while the middle notes of violet, davana and sage provide a long-lasting freshness. Lastly, the mix of amber, cedar, moss and vanilla highlights the uniqueness and distinctiveness of this perfume. Moreover, it is not only what’s inside that counts. The bottle and its top are inspired by the legacy of Gianfranco Ferré and were specially designed for all you modern gentlemen out there.

Whoever said buying a fragrance for someone other than yourself is tough, clearly never smelled the Gianfranco Ferré L’Uomo. So, this year I think you can stop searching for the perfect xmas gift and play safe by offering a fragrance worth remembering! Discover my full campaign HERE.


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