Day at the Races

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What a fun evening, spectacles, champagne and bookies!

It  was a spectacular event on Thursday night at Cutler and Gross’ new store in Spitalfields market.  The new collection -Day At The Races- was finally revealed while champagne and canapés on small grass trays were circulating in the crowd. I was delighted to host the event and most thankful for my friends and fans that popped in!  Thank you to everyone that came during the day for some styling tips courtesy of myself and lingered on for the rest of the launch party.

A very special guest was in attendance for this special occasion, Humble Glory, a beautiful miniature English horse, on which guests placed bets while it paraded around and decided the fate of many winners. Spectacles galore, free eye exams and magnum bottles of champagne, everybody left happy!

This event was the highlight of my collaboration with this quintessential English brand and was such a delight.

In case you missed it make sure you visit Cutler & Gross’ new store at Old Spitalfields Market – 55 Brushfield Street, London, E1 6AA and indulge yourself in some very luxurious frames or visit their online store HERE


Photos: Jake Armstrong

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