A Brazilian Gem

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I often travel to Brazil but this time was a very special trip as I got to relax and return back to familiar places. One of my favourite gems in Brazil is undoubtedly the epitome of luxury, the KENOA – exclusive beach resort and spa in the barra de Sao Miguel. Words are hard to describe this slice of heaven but I will do my best at conveying to you the sensations and experiences lived there those couple of days. But of course you can always feast your eyes on all the pictures that are like the expression says worth a million words.

This exclusive resort is a sanctuary of tranquility, an escape to nature in an eco friendly environment. The rooms and suites are meticulously designed to enhance your senses and every single detail is carefully thought through to make sure your experience is one you will never forget. The resort is equipped with a beautiful spa where you are pampered to the fullest, as well as a restaurant serving exquisite dishes to indulge your pallet. Infinity pools overlooking the magnificent sea, clear blue skies, white sandy beaches, and a peaceful intimacy is what you look forward to every morning at the Kenoa resort.

Once again, I got to relax on their private beach, soak up the sun, be one with nature in a peaceful and quite atmosphere. Got a special ride with their boat and visited the oyster fields for a day out. KENOA is the perfect getaway for anyone, whether romantic, family or even just a weekend off. It is the definition of luxury and exclusivity- what a perfect fit for a gentleman!


Photos: Jake Armstrong

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