Wake-up Call

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Being a blogger takes you so many places all at once and has you travelling quite often, sleeping in hotels most of the time, so you can imagine how delightful it is to find your own bed, your own mattress, your own sanctuary.

A comfortable night sleep is the best medicine in the world and believe me when I say I have found the best companion. The eve mattress is this ideal and incredibly layered yellow support system. It has 3 layers to provide optimum support relieving you from back pain and giving you the ultimate nights sleep, through a high density base which is the spine of the mattress, a new generation memory foam for support and a middle comfort layer that increases air flow to help cool while you sleep. On top of all that, Eve is also meant to last you 10 years which is perfect if you ask me and is delivered free to your doorstep.

I slept on eve the other night and woke up refreshed and ready to hit the road again. I enjoyed the thickness of the mattress as well as its cooling system which definitely aids in having a good night sleep. Before actually getting out of bed I just laid there on that heavenly mattress doing some light reading, updating the blog like a proper gentleman.


Photos: Jake Armstrong

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