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Well it’s been a week since we arrived in Brazil and we have been working hard to produce our summer projects. Luckily we got some time to relax and enjoy the beach before returning back to Europe next week. After spending a weekend in Rio, on Monday we traveled to Barra de São Miguel and to KENOA resort. If you have been following TGB for a while you must already be familiar with this paradise, but I’m still aiming to reinforce the message.  The rustic-chic seaside resort its everything I dreamed of needing. From their sophisticated suites to the terraces with sea views and gardens, to their cedar tubs,  pools and private beach access, KENOA wins my heart and mind every single time. Stay tuned for all our exciting stories coming up…


Waistcoat and shorts: La Perla, Sleepers: Gucci

Photos: Jake Armstrong

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