Urban Spirit

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Today I love traveling just as much as I did when I was a kid with my family, I have always loved the adventure of discovering the unknown – and a new destination. In the last four years, traveling became a necessity and wether is a business trip, an inspiration trip or simply some time off I have been extremely lucky to continuously feed my passion for travel with TheGentlemanBlogger. Traveling seems to be a fun challenge that broadens my mind in so many ways. You meet new people, discover new lands, new languages, share new experiences. I learn about the different habits of different cities and embrace the similarities. And, the people I interact with get to know a bit about my world.

It is for this man, the urban traveller, that Montblanc, the 110-year-old German luggage and writing brand, introduces the Montblanc Urban Spirit Collection in September 2016. A limited-edition collection of travelling and leather pieces, from backpacks to wallets defined by its innovative functionality (including an innovative Montblanc Shield lining protecting you against any unauthorised reading or copying of personal data in the chips embedded in credit cards and passports). From my office in London, to meetings in Paris, to a taxi ride in NewYork or on a bike adventure in Milan, the stylish yet robust pieces have the versatility to be both business and leisure, perfectly suitable for a worry-free traveler and modern-day traveller. Perfectly crafted by the Montblanc team and lifetime companions to a gentleman’s life…

Because every day is an unexpected adventure, the Montblanc Urban Spirit Collection, brings simple elegant and functionality to a highly crafted leather companions built to last and travel with you anywhere and anytime. Available  in September at www.montblanc.com


Photos: Jake Armstrong

Leather pieces and glasses: All by Montblanc

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