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Layers, Textures, Warm Colours, Shapes – Hugo Boss Menswear AW17 has embraced them all ! Under new creative leadership, the moment has come for Hugo Boss Menswear to roll up his sleeves and stand alone! With a fresh take on the all time classic 80’s and 90’s silhouettes, the show, as part of New York Fashion Week 17-18, presented the epitome of today’s man. Playing upon volumes and lines and with a colour palette mainly consisting of burgundy, charcoal gray and black, the collection featured looks for all occasions – keep the elegance minus the ties ! In the place of a traditional tie, Hugo Boss implemented zippers, polo shirts, and turtlenecks. All these elements combined offered an unforced elegance and grace!  The show stoppers hands down were the beautifully articulated double-breasted suits, coats and jackets.

I was there to celebrate with the BOSS team and its selection of fashionable guests, the revival of the brand. As a long time now devotee of the brand and its exceptional taste and quality, i chose to wear Hugo Boss head to toe outfits while roaming through the city that never sleeps. Comfort and style go hand by hand as Hugo Boss never disappoints. I am excited to see what the new Boss has hiding up his sleeves ! Come rain or shine, New York always transcends! Discover more of the BOSS menswear show HERE.


Looks: All by Hugo BOSS

Photos: James Creel

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