Viva La Palma

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They say, once a year you should try and visit a place you’ve never been to before! Well a few weeks ago, I made sure to check that saying off my annual calendar, and visited the beautiful island of La Palma. This all year round destination of the Canaries has stunning landscapes, interesting history and of course, star-filled nights that really caught me by surprise! 

After landing at La Palma airport, I headed directly to my hotel, the Hacienda de Abajo. This is considered to be one of the most exclusive hotels in Spain! Formerly a 17th century sugar estate, this charming lodge welcomes distinguished guests (film directors, writers and famous scientists) in its relaxed and tropical surrounding. Despite its laid-back character, I was blown away by the hotel’s museum-standard art collection and some pretty rare ancient artefacts.  

Few hours after taking a load off from the journey and enjoying the hotel’s ambience a stroll in town was in need. My next discovery was this picturesque settlement capital Santa Cruz de La Palma, which offers a complete palette of colours and tastes. It won’t take long to feel the Caribbean vibes here. No wonder its port used to link Europe directly to the New World. Its glorious past can still be felt in the historical centre, where impressive architecture is expressed through beautiful colourful wooden houses and stunning coffee shops.

Star hunting was also on my to-do list and we visited El Roque de Los Muchachos Observatory and discovered the largest telescope in the world! Without a doubt, an unforgettable experience. We continued with a hike at Roque de los Muchachos. This is the highest point of La Palma and definitely deserves a day of your busy holiday.  A must-do experience for all nature junkies.

La Palma was a blast! From its sailing experiences around “La Cueva Bonita” cave,  to wine tasting in “Hoyo de la Higuera”, to its all natural wonder, the Canaries coast is simply stunning and I totally recommend you explore as many square miles possible. A destination not to miss. Plan your unique visit to La Palma here: The Other Map


Photos: Jake Armstrong

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