The hidden gems of Mykonos!

As the Summer season is coming to an end in Europe with light trenchcoats and sweaters, there seems to be an eternal summer in Mykonos. A legendary Greek island, a trendsetter for the bold and the beautiful ! Despite its reputation as a decadent Greek island, which it lives up to, no doubt, it still retains that essence. What essence you ask? The blue of the sea, the hospitality of its people, the cobbled stoned narrow streets, all with a whip of legendary imbued in it! It truly has a sense of freedom like no other place does .Thanks to Audi Q7 e-tron quattro my #SummerOfFreedom starts here. Watch the full story up on Audiofficial IGTV. 

Here are places that are not to be missed when you visit:
1. Alemagou – a personal favorite. Here is one of the best beaches, and this is reinforced by the culinary experience.Sit here all day, enjoy the amazing food, bathe in its waters.
2. Little Venice and its Windmills – a picturesque and characteristic view of Mykonos. You may have seen it in pictures a thousand times, it is nothing like the real deal. Choose early morning, on your way home after an amazing night out, or at dusk.
3. Scorpios – doesn’t get more legendary than this. Although an amazing beach restaurant and location, and suitable for all day leisure, choose this for ur late afternoon to night. Watch the sunset here, thank me later! a daily ritual with a cocktail in hand.
4. Branco Mykonos Hotel – even if you do not choose to stay here, be sure to visit. if you’ve ever wondered what organic minimalism is, here it is ! A brand new hotel with unbeatable amenities. Try their restaurant for lunch and notice the midday light seem softer, lighter. The interior design of the spaces is beautifully aligned with its surroundings !
5. Elias Beach – located on one of the best locations on the islands, come here and come as you are ! located on the south side of the island, you will find a wide and sandy coast and traditional Greek food at the Elias Beach hotel restaurant.
6. Kikis tavern – we love Kiki. Everyone loves Kiki. So much so that people can be queueing for hours. Humble looking, but it gives you the full Greek experience. Dont worry about the wait, there’s free wine involved.
7. 180 degrees Sunset Bar – it’s all in the name. Another spectacular location for sunset watching. The panorama will astound you, a full view of Chora and endless sea.
8. Astra bar – opening in 1987, it has since become a legendary bar. From sipping cocktails in early afternoon to dancing till the morning. The ceiling is designed to mirror the night sky, hence the name “Astra” – greek for Stars.
9. Nikos taverna in Chora – exactly what we love about the Greek state of being. The intimacy with the people, first-names basis. Situated in the square of Saint Moni, a beautiful church, Mr. Nikos tavern offers local food like moussaka as well as fish courses, so feel free to try a variety of dishes and relax with the people around you.
10. Fokos Beach – on a remote beach, with no sunbeds, you will find Fokos Tavern. Down to earth, great food, secluded location with only the beach, the air, and the food. Certainly far from the madding crowd, but there is a reason people venture out on the bumpy dirt road to find it!

Photos: Antonis Hadjimichael



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