10 reasons to love Milano!


Summers in cities can be very special. Cosmopolitan, historical cities like Milan which are always busy during the year, can be less dense during the hot summer months. Gelaterias abundant, and unimpeded views of historic buildings and captivating landscapes? Yes please! Regardless of this summer gap, Milan is the city for all seasons, and here is why!

1. Milan is fashion, fashion in Milan. One of the best periods to visit the city is during its fashion weeks, womenswear in September and February or menswear in January and June. You will certainly glimpse of models and fashionistas changing the landscape and aesthetic of the citys centre.  If you are lucky enough you get to go in a show or a fashion party. The dates change every year but follow the official calendar here https://www.cameramoda.it/en/
2. Thanks to my collaboration with Santoni (probably the best italian leather shoes you can get in town) I got to know Giacomo Rosticceria, Via Pasquale Sottocorno, 36, Milano. Definitely one-of-a-kind. Owned and run by a Tuscan family, it has a “little empire” of gastronomic culture to serve.
3.  Garage Italia, the impressive headquarters of Lapo Elkann, offering an automotive customization service, along with a bar and a restaurant by Michelin-starred chef Carlo Cracco. Certainly, you’ve never had dinner in such surroundings. Go for the food, and go for the design.
4.The Small, an intimate small bistro with homemade italian food. A personal favourite during the busy fashion week times. Comfort food with a twist. Via Niccolò Paganini, 2, 20131 MilanoMI, Italy
5. Ceresio 7,  located on the rooftop of the Enel building, is the best spot for a quality break away from the city centre. Two pools and a wonderful restaurant with beautiful modern views.
6. Summer in the city – means seeking out the freshest fish available – Arrow’s. Fresh fish daily, flown in from Sicily. Best of both worlds, yes please!
7. If you’ve never experienced a summer in an empty city, August in Milan is your chance. Now is the time to walk around without the rush of pedestrian traffic, unimpeded views of buildings or even artefacts or paintings in museums and galleries. Take advantage of the emptiness and frolic in its space! Ever seen the Scala di Milano without swathes of people infront of it?
8. Definitely visit the Garden of the Righteous, a park as living memory of the struggles of the men and women who fought against repression worldwide. A beautiful park created for a worthy reason.
9. Dont leave Milan without eating gelato. Try I Genani di Nanina. It has both sweet and sometimes savoury choices. Their experimenting is very interesting in the least!  Their use of seasonal ingredients ensures fresh new flavours and alignment with the seasons!
10. To top it all off, the legendary Bar Luce, magnifies the essence of Milan as the fashionable capital of Europe. Designed by the prolific director Wes Anderson, in typical 1950’s and 1960’s popular Italian look, it will stun you. Enjoy your coffee,your aperitivo, your day!

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