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Iceland is a destination made for squad travel. Only a road trip can enable you and your travel buddies to not only witness, but experience the waterfalls cascading above you, the wild landscape, and the odd peculiarity which every good road trip brings. The long routes and road time is a great opportunity for powering relationships and sharing extraordinary encounters! Iceland's main road,

After premiering Make/Believe in London, my second home, the next exciting screening stop on the journey that Make/Believe was taking was of course Milan. A city so special and formulating for me. Scheduled as part of the official calendar of Camera Moda , Make/Believe and myself had the incredible honour to open Milan Womenswear Week S/S 2019, inviting guests to take a glimpse

As the Summer season is coming to an end in Europe with light trenchcoats and sweaters, there seems to be an eternal summer in Mykonos. A legendary Greek island, a trendsetter for the bold and the beautiful ! Despite its reputation as a decadent Greek island, which it lives up to, no doubt, it still retains that essence. What essence you ask? The

  Summers in cities can be very special. Cosmopolitan, historical cities like Milan which are always busy during the year, can be less dense during the hot summer months. Gelaterias abundant, and unimpeded views of historic buildings and captivating landscapes? Yes please! Regardless of this summer gap, Milan is the city for all seasons, and here is why! 1. Milan is fashion, fashion in Milan.


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