L’uomo. What does it mean to be a man these days? Having the confidence to be true to yourself, to be bold to trace the path that you choose. Looking back to the L’uomo global campaign, I feel blessed that Gianfranco Ferré entrusted in me, to encapsulate the direction, the attitude that their fragrance was going for! They are the first that have ever chose a digital influencer to lead a campaign like this. What an honour! When a label such as Ferre chooses you, it’s difficult not to look back at all the steps which unknowingly, or knowingly, brought you to that moment. I am so grateful for everything I’ve had the chance to experience! Since October, I’ve had friends and family posing next to my picture and sending them to me – it’s kept me connected to them – from Hong Kong to my hometown!

Just like the diverse notes in the perfume, which dexterously create a delicate yet powerful aroma, a gentleman, should aim to reflect this. To each man, a scent is paramount to his identity, to each and every relationship he forms.  A scent adapts to the body, and in this way, is always unique – add to that the careful blending of earth – sandalwood, Spanish cedar, moss, amber and vanilla, and freshness from violet, artemisia, sage and green apple, and the necessary spice of bergamot, ginger, cardamom and black pepper, an uncomplicated yet distinctive aroma emerges! Strive for the difference, strive for the diversity. Don’t miss my campaign HERE


Photos: Jake Armstrong

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Inspiring and empowering men. Globally spotted by Matthew Zorpas.

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