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I might have left you dreaming New York in my last post, but I’ve been back to London and soon heading to Milan and Greece for the holidays just for few days before the fashion month begins on the 4th of January. I’ve lost count of the number of travels, but honestly the act of traveling has never lost its magic. Work or leisure, traveling is always exciting and inspiring to me. I will take every chance I get in life to travel, because every journey has a secret to tell.

Yet, one of the secrets to reveal in this post is that I’m so in love with my Tod’s pash leather jacket since last purchased. It’s just so easy to match with everything but also it’s light weight design and style seems to suit any occasion and everyone (as my friends keep complimenting me). Honestly the jacket has become the “go to” layering to almost every winter look for a stroll in town and leisure times. Easy and relaxed, yet technically rich in details and finishing (as perviously explained in my NewYork,NewYork post). Last but not least, nothing finishes off better my winter look like pairing it with comfy sneakers. Can you keep the secret?


Pash Leather Jacket and SneakersTod’s, Trousers: Hardy Amies, Scarf: Aquascutum, Denim Shirt: Ralph Lauren

Photos: Jake Armstrong

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