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I am always asked what grooming products and brands I use in my daily skin regimen. Frankly, it’s a beauty jungle out there. It can be very hard trying to understand which products are suitable for your daily schedule and the needs of your skin! New science, new findings, organic procedures, are all things one needs to consider when deciding. Sometimes we might need different products for the days when our skin needs pampering. Winter, is a time when our skin requires additional nurturing – the cold, the long nights celebrating, the drinking !

For these reasons, LAB SERIES Skincare for Men new products, the MAX LS MAXELLENCE series and their  specialised Meteorite technology help our skin’s most important elements – Hydration, Vitality, Brightness, and last but not least, Wrinkles. It’s unique anti-ageing properties both in the Dual Concentrate as well as the Singular Cream have been created by tapping into an asteroid; and, the galactic meteorite extract from its heart helps to promote skin’s natural production of collagen. If all this wasn’t enough, the sensorial experience of products is exceptional. Think, rare Japanese Shima lemons, grown only in a secluded volcanic region, extracted to create a light, fresh and uplifting scent.

Worry not! Available now online at lab

Just in time for my skin to recover !


Photos: Jake Armstrong

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Inspiring and empowering men. Globally spotted by Matthew Zorpas.

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