Elements of Man

What makes a man? Regardless of situations and conditions around him, he maintains key factors in his persona. What do you live for? What do you stand for? Look down upon? What do you aspire to be? Here is my answer through the scents of Ermenegildo Zegna #ElementsofMan new fragrances.


An unchanging element untouched by adversity. The new fragrance by Ermenegildo Zegna attests to that. With contrasting elements such as herbal Clary Sage blended with fine Pink Pepper spices and Pimento berries with Amber and African Geranium, all coming together to construct a balanced aroma perfectly suited to the gentleman who despite friction maintains a resilience to his true self, integrity.

As an individual progresses, the one characteristic which is notable, is the striving towards wisdom. Iluminated by our experiences, how can we but not adapt and learn from them? Clarity comes with wisdom. This fragrance by Ermenegildo Zegna combines luminous Italian Mandarin and Winter Lemon, combining the citrusy zest with Coriander Leaves and French Lavender, Green Verbena thistled between Neroli branches. Fresh and zesty with a touch of Musk complete the scent. Citrusy, luminescent, fresh and illuminating. Wisdom.
What is life without Passion? Not bits and pieces of it. But daily. Passion in moments, passing instances, passion for the basic, constant things. This fragnance reflects and transfers that constant sense of passion and dynamism through a balanced amalgamation of Olibanum, Rich Rum and Smooth Cognac. Englightened by Exotic Saffron and Amber, the scent is elated and comes to a powerful balance. Resonating what should be a daily attitude, Passion.
Sometimes all we need is Resilience. Patience. Vigor. Strength – full of fire and blaze. This dynamism is achieved through Tobacco Leaves and the flesh of ripe Apricot and Agarwood blended with a deep Smoky scent. All coming together to form a musky core. Strength.
An elusive concept, talent seems to be a genetic gift – hard to ignore, harder to hide. It should be presented and adorned. Bright and citrusy Asian Yuzu manifested through with Sichuan Pepper and Bergamot. Black Tea fused into the Patchouli canvas all work together over a long Cedarwood frame. A scent with evident flair, hard to hide. Talent.
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Photos: Jake Armstrong

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