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So I’ve visited a few countries in the last six months and have been around Brazil a few times by now. My most favourite places have been those rich in culture, great people, fabulous weather, delicious food and extraordinary nature surroundings. I keep repeating myself until everyone has heard me…  “Kenoa Beach Spa & Resort in Barra de São Miguel in Brazil is one of those supernatural places that one visit will be followed by another and another” .
Photographer Rogerio Maranhao shared this beautiful story shot in the resort during my last visit there. As the weather becomes colder in Europe, I’m eagerly looking forward to my upcoming trip to Brazil in few weeks for Christmas and New Years! Stay tuned! What is your most favourite destination or place? Share it and tell us why we should visit? 
Suit: Hardy Amies, Shirt: Reiss, Bow Tie: Gieves & Hawkes, Slippers: Alexander McQueen
Photos: Rogerio Maranhao

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