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It’s pretty clear,  I have a love affair with beautifully handcrafted shoes. Today the most treasured element of my outfit is what adorns my feet.

Master cordonnier JM WESTON has recently come up with a special collection dedicated to the great Yves Klein major artist of the late 20th century renown for his legendary use of a deep blue in his works of art. Artistic  director  for JM WESTON, Michel Perry, decided to give the Moc’ Weston, a traditional moccasin shoe the same depth Yves Klein’s works of art had. It’s a very deep and saturated hue of blue that reminded the artist of the Mediterranean sea. So as you can see the moccasin is of that same profound deep blue. A true masterpiece I can walk in! Make sure you follow them on Instagram and #kleinbluebyjmweston / #jmweston for more on the collection!


Denim shirt: Polo Ralph Lauren, Trousers: Dsquared2, Scarf: Fendi, Loafers: JM Weston, Watch: IWC

Photos: Jake Armstrong

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