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A few weeks back I was invited by Furla to shoot a story of what it means to be a modern man nowadays. Having been in Rio during the project I embraced a rather more relaxed, easy-going lifestyle compare to my usual all buttoned-up British type. Today, being a man for me is simple; he is a leader, thinker and visionary at the same time. A modern man is not defined by his success and career. A modern man is defined by his purpose in life and who is not feared failure. A man who takes responsibility of all his interactions and his duty is to become his best version of himself.  Honestly, if you’re looking what it means to be a modern man, here I’ll outline a few core characteristics of my own journey of discovering the modern man I truly am.

1. A modern man is a fighter and a lover.

2. A modern man makes you smile and blush.

3. It is not about learning new things, is about building in existing ones.

4. A modern man leads the way but his not afraid to ask for directions.

5. A modern man dares to make choices, it’s a never ending journey.

I look forward hearing your thoughts of what a real modern man should be like….


All photos by incredible Jeff Porto.

Suit: Reiss, Shirt: Brooks Brothers, Envelop Clutch Bag: Furla, Panama Hat: Handmade

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