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Is it Spring yet? I am patiently waiting. I’m definitely not one of those New Yorkers who is constantly complaining about the snow. I actually like the snow! However there comes a point though in mid-March when everyone could have had enough of it. For two straight weeks it has been snowing in New York city but I couldn’t be any happier to announce my new collaboration with Pal Zileri and wrapped up in my new coat!

In a historic context, Pal Zileri was founded in the Vicenza province and was conceived by two entrepreneurs, Gianfranco Barizza and Aronne Miola, who in 1970 founded Forall Confezioni SpA, an enterprise centred on Italian sartorial tradition and which, starting from its name – FOR ALL – emphasises the attitude which has always been it’s hallmark.

Pal Zileri chooses a language that is essential and with passion, a contemporary approach in combination with a timeless tradition. A synthesis of fierce loyalty to cultural roots combined with an experimental avant-garde vision. Pal Zileri,  establishes an equilibrium between skills apparent only in contra-position. Discover their new great personality perfect for all gentlemen but not everyone, the new PAL ZILERI.

Suit and Coat: Pal Zileri, Boots: Sandro, Shirt and Tie: Brooks Brothers

Photos: Gleeson Paulino


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