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During my stay in LA I truly had a wonderful time sailing with Mojo Sailing and photographer River Jordan. There was no better way to have a good time than skimming along the smooth water on a luxurious and quiet sailboat at sunset. We set the sail and chased the sun… I might have helped a bit too! River, Alyssa, and to our captain Jim, thanks a million for your amazing hospitality, unending patience and great company. It was everything I had hoped for and more! I loved every minute and I’m looking forward to coming back on board! 
As for my look, it was about time to wear some refreshing nautical stripes for a great comfort and a jaunty sailor look. Let’s get nautical! 
Knitwear and shorts: Sunspel, Shirt: Brooks Brothers, Shoes: Osklen, Sunglasses: Ray-Ban 
Photos: River Jordan Assistant Photographer: Alyssa Crampton, Special thanks to Mojo Sailing


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