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You see, I think I have left you somewhere in Nice, but I have already been to Paris this week and Milan before that. I’ve lost count of the number of times traveling, but honestly ‘traveling’ never loses its magic.  I look forward to my trip to Vulcano in Italy this Sunday, followed up by my adventures in Greek islands from the beginning until end of August and a month in Rio de Janeiro from September until October! Work or leisure, it’s going to be an exciting journey! Stay tuned.
This post is from my last day at Milan Menswear Fashion Week, wearing one of my most daring and beloved suits – Black Fleece by Brooks Brothers designed by Thom Browne. Matching it with a navy V shirt made the look softer and more relaxed. 
Photos: Shini Park
Suit: Black Fleece by Brooks Brothers, Shirt: Reiss, Loafers: Arthur Sleeps, Briefcase & Bracelet: Cartier, Braces: High Cotton

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