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Well, I have just come across this beautiful article by David Cain in the Independent questioning what it means to be a modern man. As a man creating an independent path for myself, I couldn't agree more with the article. Here, in his own words, are what it feels like to grow up and ignoring all the old stereotypical answers. "If there’s a

  I could go on forever about how amazing Rio is, the weather, the landscape and the cariocas. And don't even try to convince me the opposite. It's a fixed deal between me and the city for the past two years now. Rio has become an obsession, a source of inspiration and my new home.  I keep returning back for work and leisure

Whether you're a busy executive or a chilled-out gent; it's important to have an easy, empowering way to create a joyful day for yourself. To set the mood before heading out, picture your day going smoothly and make sure your wearing a fragrance that can lift your spirits. A fragrance can easily change your mood from feeling blue

The shades of blue have been a powerful, limitless source of inspiration in Dolce & Gabbana collections, campaigns and fragrances. It’s inevitable a dynamic character, a supernatural power, a setting for exploration, a peaceful goddess, a colour of loyalty and trust. I certainly feel a sense of calm and nostalgia if I look […]


Inspiring and empowering men. Globally spotted by Matthew Zorpas.

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