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In just three years working within the fashion industry, it has become very difficult to connect or get excited with new clothes, brands or designers. Somehow, accessibility has taken away the spark of  timeless and the process of discovery. However, my last visit in Milan was a completely different story. Thanks to Federico Poletti (independent journalist & talent scouter) I visited WHITE – an international contemporary fashion showcase fair, but also a cultural reference for a generation of designers, stylists and artists who consider the fair a valuable take-off field. I was delighted to visit the fair and been introduced to the future big stars but also view first-hand innovative art, design and music collaborations. A visit worth making every year!

The fair in via Tortona 27, 35 and 54 hosts more than 500 niche international contemporary fashion brands and all are bonded with the White character, made of creativity, harmony and eco-ethical commitment. My personal favourite was Maurizio Miri. A menswear designer with clear avant-garde vision yet with a custom-made flair. His well fitted suits are classic with strong contemporary twists of details that they meet the needs of today’s men. It was such a joy wearing one of his suits! Discover more here: Maurizio Miri

Also supported by WHITE, join and vote your winner of Time Award and get a chance to travel to milan and win a shopping voucher of 1500 euros!


Suit: Maurizio Miri, Shirt: Ralph Lauren, Watch: Fabergé, Shoes: Ralph Lauren, Panama Hat: Bailey

Photos: Gleeson Paulino

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