10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Costa Navarino


  1. Beaches. Stretches of sandy beaches and deep blue waters are all you can wish for. The spectacular Voidokilia beach is one of the most popular beaches in the region, and rightly so.

IMG_53862. Get on the path to nature and experience the ‘Navarino Outdoors’, a hike or cycling tour that will take you along the beautiful coastline and immerse you into the thousand year old history of the Messinian people.

IMG_55093. Whilst you stay active, get your camera out to record the epic scenery of one of the most unspoiled areas in Greece but don’t look through the lens of your camera or phone the entire time – be present and marvel at the splendid views in front of you.

IMG_55404. Because of the rich history of the region of Messinia, where philosophical tours are held every day, you can immerse yourself in the ancient lifestyle of the people.

IMG_55825. You can get up close to one of the best preserved castles in Greece, the castle of Pylos which was built in the 13th century.

IMG_56126. OK, you can participate in great activities but if, like me, you enjoy going on holidays for pure relaxation, Costa Navarino has much to offer. Take a drink, a book and lap up the sunshine on a patio bar.


7. If you enjoy the sweeter things in life then the honey will definitely appeal to you. Made in batches under strict quality control guidelines, the 100% pure, unheated, unfiltered Greek honey comes with fresh honeycomb and is perfect for breakfast over a bowl of greek yogurt or in a lemon tea, for when nights get chilly back in London. Available to buy here: Navarino Icons


8. Barbouni (which is a red mullet fish) is a prized fish that may just be on the menu as Catch of the Day at Barbouni Beach Bar Restaurant for your dining pleasure.


9. While you’re here, sample some incredible olive oil with your meal or learn how to make it yourself by taking a traditional cooking lesson. Navarino Icons is famed for its olive oil,with olives of the Koroneiki variety that are pressed a mere hours after picking for extra freshness and vitality. The teachers will let you know everything from how to store it, to how to use it to bring out the best flavours in your cooking.


10. You’ve walked, explored, eaten and relaxed your way through Costa Navarino. Now all that’s left is to think. Every evening the sky turns a beautiful pink or hazy red as the sun sets over the bay and presents with it the perfect opportunity to be thankful and come up with ways to be this calm when you get home. If all else fails you could just go back to recharge. I know I will be.

When it starts raining in London, I am always inclined to reflect back to the brighter, drier, warmer days of the year – usually on the beach somewhere in the Mediterranean!

As I think back to sunnier days, I remember the less well-known holiday resort of Costa Navarino, located in the Greek region of Messinia, a region that is tranquil, diverse and rich in culture.

Surrounded by green hills, miles of unspoiled beaches and the lovely cuisine Greece is known for, Costa Navarino has everything set up for a relaxing yet exciting getaway.

Special thanks to Navarino Icons and tour operator Design Holidays for the treat.

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