IMG_2971IMG_2998IMG_2734 IMG_2943 IMG_2981IMG_2782 IMG_2991 IMG_3023Honestly I can’t believe that I’m now freezing in New York City and 2ºC while few days ago I was sunbathing in Rio de Janeiro! My body is seriously shaking up while I’m still trying to figure out a new functional winter wardrobe to survive at the Big Apple.  I will be spending a good month here in New York City and I’m already working in some very exciting projects that I can’t wait to share. Moreover, If you have any good recommendations of local restaurants and coffee shops feel free to comment below!

My last sunset in Ipanema was captured by Daniel Seabra who also convinced me to jump in the water in my Brooks but  it was totally worth it!


Jacket and handkerchief: Brooks Brothers, Shirt and Trousers: Reiss, Sunglasses: The Bespoke Dudes Eyewear available at Finaest.com

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