Raise a glass


In the run up to June 19th, our Fathers Day in the UK, this story is to celebrate him as a figure, an inspiration, a vision, a friend, a guard, a teacher and a source of strength from the very start.

To the father that made me who I am today, I’m cheering for you! You have always been the man to look up to and an admirable force in my life. You are the one who finds the wonderful balance between advice and wisdom. I miss those good times when we used to go out for dinner and chat for hours, talk about the old time and how you met my mum. I cheer for you today, to our beautiful memories, I raise a glass of Johnnie Walker® Blue Label™ like the old times, taking a moment here in Florence… to you and to the safety that you provide to us everyday and above all to the true gentleman you truly are. You will always be the best man. I will toast that.

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