Mr Burberry

20160331_MRBURBERRY_0063_BLOG 20160331_MRBURBERRY_0076_BLOG 20160331_MRBURBERRY_0096_BLOG 20160331_MRBURBERRY_0138_BLOG   20160331_MRBURBERRY_0171_BLOGBurberry-doubleimages2 20160331_MRBURBERRY_0216_BLOG   Burberry-doubleimages 20160331_MRBURBERRY_0702_BLOG20160331_MRBURBERRY_0666_BLOGJust as the title reads, this is an all Burberry moment. I’m so delighted to have partnered with the ultimate, iconic British brand, as part of their new fragrance launch Mr Burberry. Dressed in Burberry’s signature trench coat and in a special sartorial suit inspired by the fragrance, the shoot took place in the bustling city of London home to the iconic British brand. We started out at the Café Royal where the official campaign for the fragrance was filmed (by Oscar-winner Steven McQueen) and then went around to many London landmarks. A very Burberry day I might add.

Just like a prime accessory, the Mr Burberry scent is a beautifully crafted contrast of classic and contemporary, sophisticated and sensual but also embodies all the traditional scents that encapsulate London’s essence and finest moments. It’s a scent of crisp zesty grapefruit mixed with a seductive base of earthy vetiver and smokey guaiac wood is a fresh odor to have on anytime of the day.

The fragrance is bottled in a very masculine and bold bottle inspired by the timeless trench coat, the cap references horn-look buttons and a neatly hand tied knot in English-woven gabardine adorns the neck of the bottle in remembrance to Thomas Burberry who invented that innovative fabric more than 100 years ago. It doesn’t get more English than that! Discover the fragrance, the grooming collection and the sartorial collection HERE.

The whole essence of British timelessness and classic British fashion all found in one bottle of perfume. Enjoy!


Photos: Jake Armstrong

Grooming: Stephanie Stokkvik

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