How to plan the best road trip?

From Austria to Italy. A road trip which captivated me – I saw Europes crevices, its details, its spectacular vistas. An amazing setting for my first drive of the new Bentley Continental GT. From Kitzbuhel, a small Alpine town in Austria, we drove south to Venice in Italy. Before reaching our Venice destination, we stopped by Grossglockner, Austrias highest mountain, with the most stunning view. Often called the “black mountain” due to its colour, it contrasted its snowy peaks. Driving through such awe-inspiring landscapes, with the Continental GT, was a treat. A road trip full captivating environments, inside the car, and outside of it!

How to plan the best road trip?
1. Choose a path you have never experienced before
2. Choose who to experience being on the road with! A road trip is an intimate time and should be spent with people you know well, or maybe want to get to know better!
3. Choose a car which magnifies your comfort – the Bentley Continental GT  was a treat to drive
4. Always, always, always travel with a map! a physical one not just a digital one!
5. Take pictures, but dont forget to truly enjoy the views, smell the air, feel the difference.
6. Take a wrong turn. If you dont like where you end up, you can always turn back!
7. Dont worry about time !
8. Road music is the best music.
9. Drive softly on turns, especially in mountainous regions and pick a sturdy car
10. Take your adventurous self with you !

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