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Pal Zileri is a menswear brand well-known for quality and tradition from 1970s, but with the new creative director Mauro Ravizza Krieger the brand is evolving with new strategies, new designs and new materials in place – not to be missed. During Milan fashion week at a transformed showroom space on Milan’s Via Morimondo, Mauro Krieger, revealed Spring Summer 2016, highlighting the new brand ethos; the fusion of innovation and traditional sartorial standards, with contemporary sensibilities and Avant-Garde experimental vision. The Spring-Summer 2016 collection continues the evolution of Pal Zileri with a bold leap into pattern and colour inspired by 20th-century kinetic and optical art. At the runway, pieces featured squares and diamonds serving as a subtle reference to the visual complexity of our digital age and colour palette included petrol blue, green, ochre and rust red, while new materials such as jacquard wool, gabardine and mohair complimented perfectly the collection.

“We continue to draw inspiration from the Italian savoir-faire and artisanal knowledge held by the craftsmen of the Pal Zileri manufacture in the historic Veneto region but we have come to add a more fluid silhouette of ease and nonchalance prevails, with sport and formality existing in unique equilibrium.” Mauro mentioned during the show.

I am definitely a Pal Zileri man. A man that loves avant craft backed by the savour-faire of the Made in Italy tradition! Check out the entire collection here: Pal Zileri 


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