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Paris! We will always have Paris! From the streets that birthed the great modern philosophers to the elegant boutiques and spectacular cuisine, Paris offers that ‘je ne sais quoi’ both to the first comer as well as to the frequent visitor. Paris offers an effortless style which strives for immaculate perfection. But underneath this polished city, there is a raw young energy for revolution. This year in particular, Paris AW 17-18, offered a reflection on what most young millennials believe in. The spirit of the twenty-somethings was reincarnated on the runways in the means of genderfluid shows, an explosion of slogans as well as collaborations between high end and street style brands. Now more than ever the Parisians pay special attention to what they are wearing and who they are supporting.

I prepare my Parisian self with my charcoal double breasted Hardy Amies suit made of 100% organic wool, pairing it with an all time Parisian classic black turtleneck. Earth tones, classic textiles and designs that have stood the test of time for a city of such grandeur ! My Hardy Amies suit will too, with materials of the highest quality. Drink good wine, eat good food! I know I will.

À la prochaine!


Suit: Hardy Amies, Polo Neck: Sandro, Shoes: Santoni, Sunglasses: Fendi, Watch: IWC

Photos: Jake Armsrong

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